Leadership Development, Intercultural Training and Executive Coaching

Leadership programs

Adults learn best through experience. Theoretical courses and books about how to deal with people only address a fraction of what is getting in way of YOU PERSONALLY being a better leader. To understand how you will deal with a certain situation, you need to experience what it is you really do in that moment. By throwing you into a situation and giving you personal feedback about your impact on others, your learning is much deeper than by memorizing methods alone.

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Intercultural training

Coaching Without Borders pairs certified coaches with specialists who have deep, first-hand (usually native) knowledge of the target culture. Executives, teams individuals and their families can be better prepared to get the most benefit possible from experiences with people from other cultures by learning about themselves and knowing what to expect from the other culture. Training can be done one-on-one, or in small or large groups.

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Executive coaching

Coaching will help you hone your most important personal and business goals. It also helps you identify your own values and beliefs to make decision making easier and more meaningful. It helps you understand what is behind any frustration you feel or struggles you currently have in your life. It also nourishes your self-confidence and inspires you for your direction in life. Evaluate your work-life balance and get it moving in the direction you want.

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