Morning Routine for Confidence – Habit #1 – Setting Intentions

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Welcome to 2018! Let’s refresh and renew the positive habits that help us in life. I am bringing back my Morning Routine for confidence!

As habit gurus Leo Babauta and Stephen Covey have taught us, it takes 30 days to form a habit. And, you will be much more likely to succeed at behavior change if you make one small change at a time and slowly build on it… With that in mind, I will be rolling out this morning routine over the course of 6 months – one new habit every month. My intention is to keep the momentum well through the end of the year and hopefully beyond!

As you know by now, I think everyone can benefit from improving their self-confidence, no matter their current level. That includes me! Personal development is life-long work, there is no final destination, where you can tick the box, done!

In this spirit, and honoring the #NewYear NewYou, I wanted to share with you 6 great habits that I recommend for you to start every day to strengthen self-confidence. And, as my commitment to you, I am also going to build these habits into my morning every day, so we can do this together! We did this already in 2016 and life has changed a lot since then for all of us no doubt. Since we successfully built this morning routine in 2016, I have had my baby and somehow the morning routine fell by the wayside (surprise, surprise). Now with the new year here, it is the perfect time to renew habits and build the routine again. If I can do it with a toddler in the house, so can you!!

Self-confidence is fundamental to our success in work, relationships, and overall happiness. When you feel confident, you don’t waste time and energy doubting yourself or others’ intentions. You are more likely to take positive actions in your life and have more drive and motivation. Join me in the quest to further grow your self-confidence by building this routine into your life, too.

Note…For those of you who prefer more instant gratification and want to bolster your confidence with exercises at other times of the day, check out my blog post; the Best Exercises to Build Self-Confidence All Day Long.

January’s Confidence-Building Habit: Setting Intentions

Wake-up time: Before getting out of bed, before even opening your eyes, practice the art of setting intentions for the day. It helps you build the muscles of self-awareness and gratitude. Intention setting also helps to gain and maintain focus throughout the day. A focused mind is a more confident mind.

How do you set an intention? Easy. As soon as you stir from sleep, take a few deep breaths and allow yourself to focus on the upcoming day ahead. Think of what is going to happen today, and what kind of mindset or attitude will help you be at your best and most successful with those events. Then, choose one or two words that encapsulate your intention. You may choose to write the intention down or say it out loud.

My intention for today is  “Positive Intention”. I am working on my vision board for 2018 and want to be sure to attract lots of positivity as I think about what I want to create this year.

If this sounds like a good idea that you want to implement too, go for it! And let us know how it is going! Get support and post your successes, roadblocks, and questions on the Coaching Without Borders Facebook page and Twitter page.

Stayed tuned to hear February’s Habit…

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