Step 4 of 6. Habits to Start Your Day with Confidence #MorningRoutine2016: April

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Top 6 Best Habits to Start Your Day with Confidence #MorningRoutine2016

How is it going? I am building, month-by-month, a sustainable morning routine for myself and my readers to build confidence throughout 2016. One habit at a time. Why month by month? We will be much more likely to succeed at behavior change if we make one small change at a time and slowly build on it. With the start of April, we are now adding the 4th habit to the routine, and you will be happy to know it does NOT require you to set your alarm any earlier!

As the flowers are blooming outside, those of you who are following this routine are also blooming with confidence by now! Thank you for all of your letters, notes and comments about how much the routine has been helpful to you. And if you have “fallen off the wagon” and skipped a few days or weeks, no worries! You can pick it up again as of tomorrow, no harm done. ?

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Ready for the fourth step in the routine? Every morning, after you have done the first three steps of the routine, it is time to make one of the easiest and fastest choices to support your confidence: what to wear!

#MorningRoutine2016: Habit 4 of 6 – Wear Your Best. Dress for confidence!

Pick clothes that are in good shape and make you feel good. Do not wear things you aren’t sure of just because you haven’t worn them yet or someone gave them to you. Do not keep socks with holes, shirts with stretched-out necks or sweaters that are pilling and look old. Even if you love them, they will sap your confidence if their defects come into the spotlight somehow during the day.

Do one thing before the end of the week: throw out every piece of clothing that is ill-fitting, stained, smelly, has holes, or is threadbare.

Dressing for confidence does not require a major overhaul to your wardrobe or an expensive shopping trip. It is as simple as trusting your gut about which clothes will make you feel good.

That being said, if you are energized to maximize the effect of this habit, you can make the process easier every morning. Invest a day or two to go through your wardrobe and get rid of all the clothes that you don’t love. A very helpful guide in this process is the book The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up by Marie Kondo.

This book helped me not only pare down my closet, but also my whole household! After I followed Marie Kondo’s easy and precise method for clearing out, I felt immediately lighter and freer in my own home. Also, having just moved house last weekend, this book saved me hours of packing and unpacking. Now, when I chose my clothes in the morning it is much faster and easier and I always feel great!

For those of you who are looking to get tips on how to choose clothes that will make you feel great, there is help! It is important to know which patterns and colors are best for you and what styles will compliment your personality. You will enjoy a book that my mother recommended to me: Dressing Your Truth by Carol Tuttle.
I loved this book because I always used to feel lost as to which clothes to buy and which colors would work for me. Now I select clothing with confidence, knowing exactly what is going to compliment my style.

Even if you are not up to read books or make any drastic changes to your wardrobe, this step in the routine is easy and effective. Simply go with the clothes you know you feel best in. Stop wearing things that don’t make you feel good about yourself!

It’s Not Too Late To Join in building your Morning Routine for Confidence…

If you are just now stepping into this conversation, you are not too late to build your morning routine! Join us as of this month – don’t attempt to go back and start with the previous months’ work now, just begin with this month’s practice.

Let me know how it is going! Get support and post your successes, roadblocks and questions on Coaching Without Borders Facebook page or Twitter page using the hashtag #MorningRoutine2016

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