CWOB Coach: Ani Valenzuela

“Coaching with you really opened my mind to a lot of things. I raised my confidence, and it shows! This is a really big change for me, a big transformation that has had a great impact in my team. Thank you.”

Ani Valenzuela


Executive Coaching,
Team Coaching – Systemic Facilitation,
Conflict, Trust,
Leadership, Collaboration.

Certifications: CPCC, PCC, CTI Leadership, DISC, LCP, LCS, Barret Values, NVC Mediation, Systemic Facilitation

Languages: Spain flag icon UK flag

Ani is incredibly passionate about the work she does and expects commitment and work in all her clients, if they are serious about evolving and creating impact.
She works with C-suite executives, directors and middle managers, creating awareness and enabling transformation in topics such as self and team development, leadership, conflict, building trust, teamwork around collaboration, performance and accountability, feedback culture.

In her work, she utilizes a systemic approach, promoting and creating possibilities for change and evolution through the implementation of powerful practices that also spark creativity, intuition, and well being.
She also utilizes metrics and assessment tools to gather information and collect feedback about the individual and/or the group. This gives the clients a sharp focus, a sense of priority, and it is also a way to measure improvement and success.

Ani has served many types of companies, including: Telecom, Hotels, Automotive, Space & Defense, Manufacturing, Energy, Retail, Healthcare and Hospitals, Tax, Banks, among others.

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