CWOB Coach: Ani Valenzuela

Expert Coach: Ani Valenzuela


Executive Coaching,
Team Coaching – Systemic Facilitation,
Conflict, Trust,
Leadership, Collaboration.

Certifications: CPCC, PCC, CTI Leadership, DISC, LCP, LCS, Barret Values, NVC Mediation, Systemic Facilitation

Languages: Spain flag icon UK flag

She is a Psychologist and Thinking into Results Facilitator, who works with individuals and teams, helping them transform and heal by unlocking their potential and by provoking and managing permanent change in the direction that they need and desire.

She has worked in her private practice for 15 years, leading and co-leading corporate trainings in Spain, Chile and Switzerland. She has created and led groups in the development of specific abilities ranging from personal development to team transformation, integrating the best of the fields she masters: Psychology, NLP, Coaching, Nonviolent Communication, Mediation and Leadership, while working with a wide variety of clients: from executives to doctors; from the Corporate world to Universities.

In 2015 she joined “Go-Up Business School” in Spain and is part of the teachers’ pool in the Leadership Program “Be10”, and where she is also in charge of International Trainings. Her special- ty is Healing, Communication and Conflict Resolution, and how they blend in leadership development. She feels that our best chance as a global community of change makers, is to work in ourselves first, developing awareness and being able to build from a heart at peace, this is why she is in the process of becoming a Certified Nonviolent Communication Trainer and “War to Peace” co-leader.

Her passions are cooking, reading and traveling. Diversity is one of her highest values.