Anja Louisa Schmidt

Berlin, Germany

Psychological Safety,
Liberating Structures,
Playful Teambuilding,
Facilitation deep exchange processes

Certifications: Integral Coaching, Facilitation, Somatic Bodywork, Tamalpa LifeArt Process, NLP-Practitioner, Mindfulness

Languages: Germany flagUSA flag

Anja is a dedicated facilitator, organizational developer, and coach. She is passionate about encouraging individuals, teams and organizations to transform and thrive by expanding awareness, building trustful relationships and using their collective creativity/knowledge. With her work, she strives to enhance organizational health, mindful leadership and personal development.

She has worked with leaders, scientists, companies and organizations in Germany, Europe and abroad. Her coaching, facilitation and consulting are inspired by her own experiences (+15 years) as a business manager and team lead, in international development and conflict resolution.

Anja holds a Master degree in International Relations from School of Advanced International Studies (Johns-Hopkins-University). In addition to her work experiences in business and enterprises she has worked in a US-nonprofit organization as the project manager for the liaison to the World Bank and in the European Patent Office.

Currently, she is doing the QiGong teacher training. Also, she is preparing for the exam as a psychotherapist (non-academic pathway) in Germany (certification exp. 1/23).