CWOB Coach: Arzum Akduran

Arzum Akduran

Istanbul, Turkey

Leadership Development Coaching,
Top Team Coaching,
Board Coaching,
Organizational Constellations,
Balanced Leadership (Masculine/Feminine)

Certifications: MCC, CPCC, ORSCC, CTI Leadership, LCP, TCI, Constellation Therapist

Languages: Turkey - flag UK flag France flag

Arzum Akduran Koseoglu is a leadership development and relationship systems coach since 2005. She is a coach trainer with extensive experience in coaching for business leaders for a wide range of international corporate and private clients.

Arzum also focuses on systems oriented leadership development projects. She has a curiosity about the diverse methodologies that exist to help individuals and organizational systems discover their barriers that exist inhibiting them to unleash their potential.

She works as a leadership development coach and consultant over a multitude of industries including: banking and finance, telecommunications, automotive and pharmaceuticals. Her experience is ranging from a variety of countries such as; Pakistan, Azerbaijan, France, England, etc…) to European Parliament, working with her clients in Turkish, English and French. Clients describe her as an authentic leader bringing a good balance of feminine and masculine leadership energies; relationship systems intelligence, care and structure, which creates a great amount of trust for the work to be done.

Arzum is one of the worldwide Course Leaders for the Coaches Training Institute and CRR Global-Center for Right Relationship. She is also an active member of the International Coach Federation as a former Board Member for the Turkey Chapter. She is also a founder member for of the Turkey Coaching Association.

Arzum’s career has spanned over 10 years as a manager with different roles in marketing, operations, customer relationship management, quality improvement and employee development. Arzum is passionate about organizational development and decided to work and grow in this area, focusing on organizational dynamics and behavioural sciences studies.

Arzum lives in Istanbul Turkey, with her family of 5, which 2 of them are the be- loved dogs of the family and a trusted companion for her son of 7. She likes to dance, ski, sail, spend time in the forest and practice Yoga.