Astrid Blunschi Balmer

Zofingen, Switzerland

Leadership Development,
Solution-focused Coaching,
Group Facilitation,
Non-Violent Communication,
Organisational Design and Development

Certifications: Solution-focused Coaching, MBTI Coach, Organisational Design Professional (in progress)

Languages: Germany flag USA flag

Working with people, whether in training, coaching, or facilitating group processes, is one of Astrid’s core competencies that makes her feel “like a penguin in water”. And while she loves working in ” 3D “, she feels just as comfortable training or facilitating virtually. In doing so, she is always finding new ways to build trust, engage participants, and create informal, trusting spaces in a virtual environment.

Astrid works primarily with the solution-focused approach (Steve de Shazer and Insoo Kim Berg), combining it with Nonviolent Communication (Marshall B. Rosenberg) and Thinking Environments (Nancy Kline). She has found these approaches to be very effective because they focus on resources and a preferred future in which needs are met – which is usually a very energetic, developmental, and future-oriented process of looking at signs of progress and solutions rather than problems and their diagnosis. She integrates the approaches as a basic mindset into her daily life in her multiple roles.

She is very comfortable with conceptual work that focuses on customer needs and creating offerings in collaboration with other areas. In doing so, she strives to create added value for participants and the organization and to develop herself in the process.

At the same time, the application and “trying out” of the designed formats are of great importance to her, where she tries them out in direct interaction with participants, adapts them depending on the dynamics, and orients herself on the benefits for the participants. She then incorporates the findings back into the design, which satisfies her need for development.

She can use these resources and skills particularly well in these tasks: Designing and delivering leadership and collaboration training and development programs for leaders and teams; Facilitation of team and large group events; Designing and support of change processes, and Coaching teams and individuals.