Hannah Vertigen

Zug, Switzerland

Outdoor Coaching,
Executive Coaching,
Team Coaching,

Certifications: CfPAC, ILM Endorsed; Systemic Team Training Certificate; Nature as Co-Facilitator

Languages: UK flag

Hannah is a qualified coach, working mainly in Switzerland as an executive coach. Where possible, she aims to hold coaching conversations with her
individual clients outdoors, where the additional elements of movement and nature contribute to a richer coaching experience. Her background is as a UK employment lawyer, working for 13 years in London at two leading international law firms, and as an in-house employment law specialist at a major investment bank.

When she moved to Switzerland, Hannah took a career break to focus on integrating the family into Swiss life and bringing up our two children. German exams, active involvement with international school life, including as a teaching assistant, and navigating different cultural norms became a fulfilling replacement for work. Throughout her career, she has always recognised the importance of effective communication and the underlying culture of a workplace as being a key driver of performance, and when she returned to work, this led her towards coaching as a way to encourage greater communication both within the workplace and ourselves. In addition to qualification as an accredited executive coach, she has also completed a certification in team coaching, with a focus on the systemic context of the team’s work. Following her qualification, she started coaching with an emphasis on outdoor coaching for individuals and leaders.