Ready to (Finally) Stop Doubting Yourself?

International leadership coach Margo McClimans’ NEW online leadership course Cracking Confidence can help YOU improve your level of confidence when networking, presenting, communicating, decision-making and leading.

This course is self-paced, meaning you can start anytime and work through the modules whenever it is convenient for you! No dates to add to your calendar, no webinars to attend. It consists of 30 lessons in 5 modules – approximately 8 hours. Work through the materials at your own pace.

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… feel more comfortable in every situation?
… have breakout success in your career?
… be your best no matter what life throws at you?
… believe in yourself and your abilities?
… shift your inner dialogue to positive messages?
… treat yourself with compassion?
… face risk and challenge with courage?

Then the Cracking Confidence course is a MUST for you!

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Testimonials from clients who have experienced Margo’s inspiring teaching methods:

“Margo is well prepared and imparts wisdom in a manner that is easy to understand.”


“It was the best session we ever had….”

“It was very interactive and Ms. McClimans did a brilliant job.”

“This is one of the best training courses I ever experienced.”

“Experience …PRICELESS!!!”

“The courses gave me a lot of takeaway and will help my job very much!”


Gain confidence for

  • Making Tough Decisions
  • Job Interviews
  • Approaching New Clients
  • Networking
  • Asking for a Promotion or Raise
  • Handling Sticky Situations with Colleagues

A variety of course content

  • Video Lectures by Margo & Other Experts
  • Peer Discussion & Reflection Questions
  • Self-Assessments & Questionnaires
  • Exercises & Action Planning
  • Articles & Videos
  • Real Life Challenges

You will learn…

  • What are the Four Channels of Confidence
  • How to stop sabotaging your confidence in these Four Channels
  • Concrete techniques and methods for improving confidence
  • How to feel more comfortable in your own skin!


The Four Channels: A Businesswoman’s Guide to Cracking Confidence

“I enjoyed The Four Channels. It is an easy read, full of practical and helpful information. The author describes in depth the value of learning how to breathe properly and all the benefits you gain from it. Very valuable information and one of the four channels to help with improving your self confidence. Self sabotage is described by using wonderful and honest examples from the author’s own life. She offers techniques how to recognise and overcome self sabotage which is another one of the four channels. The sections ‘Taking Action’ and ‘My Action Plan’ are great to have at the end helping the reader follow through with some of the advice. Well worth a read for any business woman looking to increase her level of confidence no matter how much she already has.” – SKD on

The Four Channels Book Cover


Margo is founder of Coaching Without Borders GmbH, a network of coaches who run leadership development programs in Europe, US and Asia for executives of all levels since 2005. Her coaching certification is with the Coaches Training Institute (USA), and she holds an MBA in International Business (IT) and a Bachelor degree in International Relations (CH).

Her specialty is in Leadership Development for multi-cultural global organisations. She also specialises in Women’s Leadership and Intercultural Communication.

Coaching Without Borders’ main clients are in the Financial Services, Electrical Engineering, Retail, and Biotech industries and Margo is a guest speaker at a handful of business schools in Europe. Margo has personally coached or trained over 1000 clients in Europe, Americas and Asia who hail from over 50 nations.

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