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Margo was quoted as one of a few highly successful entrepreneurs in the article “Conquering the Challenges of Entrepreneurship: Advice From Successful Entrepreneurs” for the WomenWay association, dedicated to learnings, insights & success stories from female role models.

Published (19 june 16)

Margo was quoted as an international culture expert in the article “Die kleinen Unterschiede” in the October issue of Miss Moneypenny: The Swiss Journal for Office Managers and Assistants.

Published (15 oct 15)

Margo provided expert advice for the question to best motivate your field service employees, remember that… in the article “30 Field Service Managers, Consultants, and Business Leaders Reveal the Best Way to Motivate Field Service Employees” for ClickBlog, a ClickSoftware blog dedicated to dedicated to leading in the field of field service management.

Published (3 may 16)

Margo was interviewed about leadership development for women by journalist Jo Fahy as part of a program aired on International Women’s Day.

Recorded (8 mar 2014)

Margo and her colleague Xavier Weibel co-lead the Zurich Local Summit, which was one of 38 Co-Active Summits in 15 countries spanning 12 time zones linked to the 2014 Global Co-Active Summit in Napa, CA, USA

Recorded (10 apr 14)

Margo and her colleague Arzum Akduran were interviewed in Istanbul by Zeynep Erataman as part of CNBC-e’s “Son Baski” program (similar to CNBC’s Closing Bell) about their program Whole Leadership.

Recorded (31 oct 2013)

As part of a project for the Professional Women’s Network, Margo created a short video with tips on how to influence others while maintaining a strong relationship.

Recorded (25 apr 2013)

Resistance is futile: 8 tried and tested tips to get employees to embrace change.

When businesses introduce new project management tools, IT software, office policies, or roles and relationships, employees tend to chafe. For organizations, this should be expected. As the writer Arnold Bennett once put it, “any change, even a change for the better, is always accompanied by drawbacks and discomforts.”

Opposition to organizational change can take many forms. It can be quiet killers, such as refusing to use (or reluctantly and haphazardly using) new tools, or dips in morale and dedication that slow down projects and productivity. It can also be more overt, such as leaving the company altogether.