Habit 5 of 6 for building your confidence every morning – Grooming!

Really? Is this so important? YES! Remember this routine is about building in small habits that are easy to implement but over time have a great impact.

Picture it…the alarm goes off. What do you do? If you got straight up and stuck to doing only what it takes to get out the door on time, you would be fine. Most of us set our alarm with plenty of time to do all the grooming that is needed to make us look and feel great straight from the start of the day.

Then…there’s the reality… The alarm goes off. Then, there’s the snooze button, the kid with a nosebleed, the dog who had an accident, or the Facebook feed, Twitter, Pinterest (the list of time vampires goes on…), and before we know it 15-20 min of our precious morning time is gone! We find ourselves rushing again.

Prioritise Your Grooming

Some of those time-takers are impossible to predict, but others are purely traps that we get ourselves into… namely letting (digital) distractions get in your way. So one way to avoid those tempting distractions is to prioritise your grooming. Tell yourself, I can check email, twitter (or whatever) AFTER I am all done making myself clean, smelling good and beautiful today. And if that means setting your alarm 10 minutes earlier (and so, of course, going to bed 10 minutes earlier, do it! Give it a shot for 4-6 weeks and see if life is less hectic in the morning. Hectic is NOT confident. I know this all too well!

And of course, you will be very well dressed since last month you made it a habit to Dress Your Best! ?

In a rush anyway? Skip make-up or ironing that shirt? No! Every little bit of self-grooming helps you feel better about your appearance and will leave less room for insecurities.

Why is grooming so important?

It is not only about looking and feeling good, it is also about showing respect to the people you will encounter today. We all tend to primp and preen much more for high-class events, and a lot less for a simple run to the grocery store on Saturday morning. My dear friend and role model Carla taught me a lot about this. Every time she has come to my house for dinner, she has shown up dressed to the nines with perfect make-up and not a hair out of place. I remember thinking at first, ‘Wow, why did she dress up so much just to come to little old my house?’ Then I thought about the fact that she socializes with some very important people, and no doubt grooms herself in the same way for those occasions. Suddenly I felt honored! How much we choose to look after ourselves also sends a message to the people we meet about how important we find them. Who knows, maybe that will even boost their confidence, too!

It’s Not Too Late To Join in building your Morning Routine for Confidence…

If you are just now stepping into this conversation, you are not too late to build your morning routine! Join us as of this month – don’t attempt to go back and start with the previous months’ work now, just begin with this month’s practice.

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