Perfect Venue for Your Next Workshop…

Wow! I am still in awe of having my own office. I have been doing this work for almost 12 years and I have never had my very own space in which to do it. It feels great to welcome clients and colleagues here and to be able to provide a safe and creative space, not just figuratively, but also literally! Coaching Without Borders Office Image

I walk to work with a bounce in my step, feeling like Gwyneth Paltrow in Sliding Doors when she opens her own business. It is very inspiring to be here, looking out over the rooftops of Zurich West and being able to see a handful my clients’ offices from my desk; Baloise, Swisscom, eBay, Trammo, Amazee Labs. and hopefully a few more, soon! And I have a fabulous view of the Prime Tower – Zurich’s one and only skyscraper (for now) – which reminds me to aspire to greatness!

And, I am just working 60% for now. I feel so lucky to be able to have two full days a week of one-on-one time with my baby Leonardo and still run my own business. So on those days when I am with Leo, I am renting out my office space to other companies, coaches and clients. Anyone who wants an oasis in the city! Click here to see more details about the space. Or click here to check on pricing and availability.

Jordana and I had an excellent time celebrating and “warming up” the space with an Apero on Nov. 30th. Thanks to all of you who attended! And for those of you who couldn’t be there – don’t worry! That party was the first of many 🙂 Below are some shots from the party. Thanks to Chef Luna for catering and to Andaleeb Lilley for the photos.


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