Executive Coaching

One on One Coaching for Leaders

Coaching differs from mentoring or consulting in that we do not provide advice or answers. We ask questions to help you clarify your goals, challenge your assumptions, understand what is blocking you, explore resources, and find the option that works best for you and your unique circumstances. We shine the mirror on you and give you courageous feedback.

Leadership coaching will help you hone your most important personal and business goals and develop concrete actions to reach them. Coaching consists of a series of confidential, one on one sessions with your coach.

Here are some of the outcomes you can expect from executive coaching:

  • Build your self-awareness and your ability to use your emotions as a resource.

  • Learn how to respond to situations, rather than just react.

  • Understand the lens through which you see the world and how it impacts your perception, emotional state, and ability to handle difficult situations.

  • Tap into your innate self-confidence and creativity.

  • Make important business and life decisions with ease and clarity based on your personal values.

  • Know your strengths and how best to leverage them.

  • Have the courage to prioritize the areas of your life that make you truly fulfilled.

  • Learn how to view yourself and others with compassion.

  • Take responsibility for your successes and failures and learn from them.


CWoB coaches follow our unique process that ensures your investment in coaching exceeds your expectations.
You will have access to a secure online dashboard where you can view your progress on goals, capture notes and find all the resources from your sessions.

What is the process?

  1. Pre-coaching: Chemistry Session & Questionnaire
  2. Feedback Collection
  3. Goal Setting
  4. Discovery Session
  5. Regularly Scheduled Coaching Sessions (including Mid-Point Check-in on goals and optional 3-way session with your manager)
  6. Wrap-up Session including progress measurement and action planning
  7. Feedback about the coach

For the Feedback Collection stage, we highly recommend conducting a formal 360° feedback process using the Leadership Circle Profile (LCP) or the Hogan Assessment as a basis for the coaching. This can be repeated at the end of our coaching relationship to objectively measure your progress.

How often will we meet?

This depends on your needs and preferences, but most clients like to meet every few weeks (in person or virtually)

Where do we meet?

Virtual sessions can be conducted using the web conferencing software of your choice, or good old-fashioned phone calls.
Location of in-person sessions will take place at the coach’s office, at your location, or at a 3rd party location depending on the coach and your preferences.

How long are sessions?

The first session is always at least 90 minutes in length as it is a “discovery session” where the coach will use extra time to deepen their relationship with you, refine your goals, and make sure they are measurable.

In which languages do you offer coaching?

We currently offer to coach in English, German, Swiss-German, Italian, French, Spanish, Dutch, Greek, Hungarian and Russian.

Coaching Without Boardes Client - Luis-Ferreira Testimonial

” Intense. Challenging. Tough at times. Enlightening. Rewarding.
I was Margo’s coachee for about one year through a talent program at Airbus. What a ride that was. Margo allowed me to dive deep on my own self, and from there better understand the complexity of interpersonal and group relationships where each individual is unique. Apart from the strong self-development, I have come out of the journey with Margo with a strong toolset which is allowing me to better navigate the complexities of work life. The importance of feedback, influencing and persuading, or managing conflict, were some of the topical areas addressed. Today, I feel more confident to embrace the challenges of tomorrow and I can’t thank enough Margo for that. I can’t wait for our paths to cross again. “

Luis Ferreira
Project Manager | Constellations and Future Space Business AIRBUS

Why CWoB

Our coaches have decades of experience coaching and delivering Leadership programs and workshops for multicultural groups in Europe, Africa, Americas and Asia/Australia. Our entrepreneurial and business backgrounds help us “speak your language” and understand your world. Although we work with companies in a variety of sizes and industries, the one common denominator is that you are part of an international reality who face the complexity of working in a multicultural context.