Leadership Development Training

Leadership Development Training

Coaching Without Borders offers custom-designed leadership development training for senior managers, middle managers, first-time managers, and promising young talent.

Leadership development programs are intensive off-site, virtual or hybrid training programs designed to help managers be better leaders.
Programs are most effective when they are broken up into more than one module over time and including a preparation and follow-up phase. One-on-one coaching during, in-between and after the modules supports you to put what you have learned into practice under the demands of daily life.

You want to be an inspirational leader, you want to feel confident, you have to deal with difficult personalities.

Theoretical courses and books about how to deal with people are helpful…but we have seen that reading or hearing about something does not mean you are able to put it into practice. In order to understand how you will deal with a certain situation, you need to experience what you really do at that moment, and get feedback.

Our intimate group sizes and experiential trainings ensure you will get valuable feedback about how you really are, not just theories about how things should be done.

Some topics within leadership development training are

  • Giving Feedback

  • Influencing

  • Motivating and Engaging Your Team

  • Change Management

  • Coaching Skills for Managers

  • Communication: Listening and Asserting

  • Conflict Management

  • Communication: Intercultural Teams

  • Building Trust

  • Effective Meetings

  • Personal Branding

  • Performance Under Fire

  • …and more!

”Learned plenty of techniques to calm myself down and to not rise to the stress levels of someone else. The breakout groups represented real-life scenarios and the feedback was very useful in terms of how different people respond to stressful situations and how to manage these.”

– Feedback on session by coach Raúl Carvajal Cuevas

Rob Bellingham,
Global Sporting Organization

Why CWoB

Our coaches have decades of experience coaching and delivering Leadership programs and workshops for multicultural groups in Europe, Africa, Americas and Asia/Australia. Our entrepreneurial and business backgrounds help us “speak your language” and understand your world. Although we work with companies in a variety of sizes and industries, the one common denominator is that you are part of an international reality who face the complexity of working in a multicultural context.

Margo and her colleagues love to design and deliver programs that are tailored to your needs and are also able to run programs that are designed in-house by your company.


Coaching Without Borders - Group Coaching Scene
Coaching Without Borders - Group Coaching Scene