Team Coaching & Offsite Facilitation

Build a foundation of trust with your team and experience unprecedented collaboration and innovation.

In the never-ending race that is daily business, you want your team to perform at its best. And, just like a racing team, taking a pit stop at the right time can make or break your success.

Our team coaching workshops are pit stops for your team. They are an investment in maintaining your relationships, systems, processes, and agreements.

Our job as your coaches is to hold up the mirror to your team. We help you identify patterns that help and patterns that hinder. We give you feedback and help you give each other feedback about your impact on one another.

Team coaching sessions are re-energizing, and they are also hard work. Teams emerge stronger, more committed to one another, and clearer about the vision they are aiming to achieve together.

Systemic thinking is at the foundation of all Team work done by Coaching Without Borders. Teams of people are living breathing systems with personalities, quirks, and cultures of their own. So we do not just coach each individual in the team, but are coach the team as its own entity.

Our Team Coaching Process is right for your team if one or more of the following is true:

  • Certain team members avoid communicating with one another.

  • People clash over who is responsible for which tasks.

  • Meetings are inefficient and/or unengaging.

  • You feel frustrated with one another but send an email instead of picking up the phone to clarify.

  • You are a newly formed team, or have new team members.

  • The majority of your effort goes to dealing with difficult personalities, politics, dynamics.

  • You don’t feel like you can say what you are really thinking.

  • The same message needs to be said over and over before you see results.

  • You find yourself with questions but feel hesitant to ask them.

  • Your team is going through a change process.

Although we do run stand-alone team-building workshops, our signature program is the Team Transformation Process. We accompany you over the long-term with quarterly or semi-annual workshops plus telephone and email support, and access to resources and recommendations between workshops through our online dashboard. Our coaches have worked with hundreds of teams over almost 20 years. Our NPS score is consistently positive and often over 80, which is considered world-class.

We have developed a system where the team can measure the return on investment of working with us.


  • Improved collaboration & trust
  • Increased productivity & engagement
  • Deepened sense of belonging & commitment
  • Ability to benefit from diversity (gender, cultural, age, ethnic, personality, etc.)

We follow unique processes that make sure you and your team get the learning outcomes you need while at the same time flexing and adapting based on the emerging needs of the person or group. Our Team Transformation Process consists of the following:

  1. Needs Assessment – pre-workshop questionnaire & alignment calls with team leader
  2. Team Self Assessment on levels of collaboration, productivity and sense of belonging
  3. Confidential individual pre-calls with each member of the team
  4. Design of Customized Roadmap for the team including workshop(s)
  5. Experiential Team Coaching Workshop
  6. Integration – optional 1:1 “digestion calls” for each team member
  7. Follow-up – repeat of Team Self-Assessment 6 weeks after the first workshop and again every quarter to measure impact of the team coaching process
  8. Debrief with team leader and recommendations for the team

Throughout the process, your team will have access to a secure online dashboard where you can view your progress through self-assessment results, access photo protocols from workshops, slides, learning notes and bonus materials and find all the resources from your sessions.

Your team will build a Team Charter, define Team Values and align on a Team Vision during the course of the Team Transformation Process. They will also learn how to communicate more effectively, address and resolve conflicts and give and receive feedback.

We highly recommend accompanying Team Coaching with Executive Coaching for the Team Leader.

“I walked out of this seminar with a lot more than I was hoping to obtain. Content was rich and concise, yet rich and deep. Margo’s conduct as a presenter is admirable. The concepts she brought to the table really do make us reflect to ourselves about, in this case, our journey towards being confident. I learned to separate our self-worth from our confidence. That for me was very important because I’m a huge believer of the concept of being “work in progress” and we tend to weigh our worth/confidence on our performance. This seminar helped me understand that we are worthy and valuable even if we don’t always “get things right” and this in turn can help our confidence.”

Jorge Salamanca,

Why CWoB

Our coaches have decades of experience coaching and delivering Leadership programs and workshops for multicultural groups in Europe, Africa, Americas and Asia/Australia. Our entrepreneurial and business backgrounds help us “speak your language” and understand your world. Although we work with companies in a variety of sizes and industries, the one common denominator is that you are part of an international reality who face the complexity of working in a multicultural context.


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