Women’s* Leadership

We help female* leaders find the courage to discover & unveil
their authentic leadership styles.

Let’s start with a clarification: women are already just as capable as men to hold senior positions. Our services are not about ‘fixing the women’. Our programs instead allow women the opportunity for deep self-reflection in a safe environment. We give women the space to open up, be vulnerable, and build strength and confidence in what they already have to navigate a system that is biased.

After your coaching program, you will be clear about what makes your leadership style unique and how to make it work for you.

We equip you (no matter the gender) with the mindset and skills needed to navigate a predominantly male-driven business world.

Women hold just 31% of worldwide senior management roles. (catalyst.org. https://www.catalyst.org/research/women-in-management/), so it can be hard to find an effective leadership style without depending on the masculine-coded behaviors we have learned from observing other leaders. While those masculine-coded behaviors “work”, using both masculine- and feminine-coded behaviors can make you extraordinary.

The world needs more feminine leadership. That is our (somewhat controversial) premise for our leadership programs designed for women (FLINTA*). We help you explore what characteristics and behaviors from the traditionally feminine side might enhance your leadership and personal well-being.

Our dream of bringing humanity to the workplace is starting to come true. Thanks in part to the working-from-home phenomenon accelerated by COVID-19 lockdowns, the leaders of today and tomorrow don’t show different professional and personal selves. This blending of work environments has also created more priority for aspects we consider more feminine, such as relationship focus and well-being in leadership.

Make sure to also check out Margo’s book, The Four Channels of Confidence. Written for women (and helpful for men too), it is an essential guide with practical strategies and inspiring insights to build and sustain confidence.

We believe everyone benefits from a balanced mix of masculine AND feminine-coded leadership traits and skills.

  • That’s why Coaching Without Borders specializes in leadership development programs designed by women for all women (and open to every gender).

    Afterall, the highest performing teams are the most diverse…. and the lowest performing teams are also the most diverse. It all depends on what you do with the diversity. Many companies hire for diversity and train for conformity. And this is when outstanding performance inevitably fades. Our leadership programs help you embrace the (sometimes bumpy) process of learning to include the new perspectives diversity can bring.

Many of our coaches specialize in coaching female leaders and Margo’s specialty is coaching top executive women, who want to stay confident in male-dominated board rooms.

*When we use the terms women or female, we mean: FLINTA (Female, Lesbian, Intersex, Non-Binary, Trans and Agender)

Find Your Program


Custom Designed Program

Our customized program designed for senior managers, middle managers, first-time managers, or promising young talent.

Start here if you want to customize a leadership program for your organization. We’ll work together to create a leadership program that meets your organization’s needs. Through our program, you will learn how to utilize feminine leadership traits, support existing female leaders in your organization, and work on the system itself to address unconscious bias.


Whole Leadership Program

Our public program helps you embrace a ‘whole’ leadership style. Designed for women, open to any gender.

Do you feel you need to act a certain way to be an effective leader?

Whole Leadership is an intensive two-day workshop for personal development. You’ll gain a deeper understanding of your personal leadership style and how to have a broader range of leadership.

We look at traditionally masculine and feminine polarities and archetypes to learn where imbalance occurs. Whole Leaders develop their emotional intelligence (EQ) during our workshop and learn to hear the language of emotions.

Regardless of whether you are a manager with direct reports, self-employed, or an individual contributor, this program will help you grow.

Coaching Without Boardes Client - Livia Spiesz

” I had a great opportunity to meet Margo at one of her workshops that she led in Zurich. I found her very professional and resourceful, with excellent people and outstanding presentation skills. She is very approachable, with fantastic people, communication, leadership and coaching skills. Her audience was absolutely taken by her knowledge, humour and practical insight and advice into people management. Margo has a huge amount of energy, with which she can move individuals, teams and audiences to high levels. She is also capable to bring up the mood and maximize performance levels of individuals and entire teams. I am glad that she is part of my professional network, and I cannot wait for her next event. “

Livia Spiesz,
Events & Communication at SwissCognitive – The Global AI Hub

Why CWoB

Our coaches have decades of experience coaching and delivering Leadership programs and workshops for multicultural groups in Europe, Africa, Americas and Asia/Australia. Our entrepreneurial and business backgrounds help us “speak your language” and understand your world. Although we work with companies in a variety of sizes and industries, the one common denominator is that you are part of an international reality who face the complexity of working in a multicultural context.

Margo and her colleagues love to design and deliver programs that are tailored to your needs and are also able to run programs that are designed in-house by your company.


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