Kind words from inspiring leaders

” I have had the great pleasure working with Margo for a number of years. My coaching sessions with Margo are delightful and invaluable towards both my personal as well as my professional development. The regular discussions I have with Margo have also had a positive influence on the successes of my business. Margo has helped me identifying values I use when making decisions and that vulnerability is an important leadership skillset. Through a clever and informal coaching approach I have gained insights that help me become a more powerful leader. My collaboration with Margo has greatly affected my life. “Jacob Nørgaard Andersen, Onshore Americas CEO, Siemens Wind Power
Margo is a real motivating person with a stunning charm and an impressive knowledge and experience. The way she steers the group, how she triggers energy and tickles the best out of each participant makes worth all the time spent in her training. I honestly hope this was not the last time for me in one of her trainings.Reto Schuepbach, Head IT Workplace Operations, Swiss Re
” Margo and I work together on providing leadership trainings and workshops to not-for profit and commercial organizations. Margo always proved to be highly professional, resourceful, creative and knowledgeable about the subject matters she has been teaching. I highly appreciate her tremendous sense for people, her humor and her ability to ensure the development of win-win situations and take-aways for all participants. As a coach, she is praised by her clients and respected for integrity. I do warmly recommend Margo and I am very happy to continue working with her. “Margherita Brodbeck Roth MSc UZH, MBA. President PWN Zug & Zurich
” I got many benefits from your coaching and leadership training. I got a better understanding of my situation and needs of the involved people. You helped me to return from a “desparate” attitude to a positive one “I will and can solve the issues!”. Through your questions I was able to develop ideas myself as well as the next steps to solve the issues, and later on these steps turned out to be working and they were not just theory. You supported me/us very sucessfully in practicing “giving valuable/useful feedback”. The feedback I received from you was always helpful and constructive, I never felt criticized. You established an unbelievable atmosphere of trust in the group by opening yourself. I perceived you very flexible and uncomplicated or even innovative and very adaptive to the need of the client. I got the impression you are really passionate about coaching and training for executives. “F. Schoepe, Building Technologies, Multinational Corporation
” I had the opportunity to work with Margo on Leadership Programs at SIEMENS. As a client Margo has always been an excellent advisor and coach to me when it came to designing and delivering programs. Her great talent, creativity and broad experience in working with managers on all management levels of a company had great and lasting impact on our participants. “Livia Freudl, Head of Corporate Programs at Siemens AG
” Coaching has been for me a life-changing experience. Even better said, coaching gave me new life. A life where I finally found peace, love and joy. Coaching has changed the way I see and perceive the world. Coaching taught me who I am and who I can be. I feel like a dark veil has been taken away from my eyes. I can finally appreciate life and the people around me and all the beautiful gifts that life has to give. I have learned to love and accept myself, I have discovered compassion and purpose. “G. Albano, Financial Services Industry, Global Reinsurer
” In my many years working as a Clinical Psychologist and Executive Coach I have worked with wonderfully talented colleagues. Yet Margo stands out among them for her commitment to those she serves, her passion for seeking greater understanding for herself and her clients and the joy she brings to everything she does and the joy she brings to all who work with her! “Stuart Ludwig, PhD Independent Professional, Inspirational Value Based Leadership Development; Change management, Training & Coaching
” Hello Margo, thanks a lot. My great successes in only few days: I had and have wonderful open discussions with my wife; I realized why I often exceed my limits and the reasons for my burn-outs. I had a reverse-coaching with my boss, which ended in increased trust between us. I found myself comfortable in doing more slowly and still found myself energized as never before in my life. I find lots of empathy around myself.…and and and. T H A N K S. “Energy Services Industry, Multinational Corporation
” Margo is an experienced and knowledgable coach. She supported me during Swiss Re´s management development program. She could quickly establish rapport and we kept in touch even after the program. She is a great sparring partner and a trusted advisor. “Bela Tisoczki, Organization and Talent Development manager at General Electric
” I had the distinct privilege of working with Margo developing a leadership program while at CIMBA. She brought a very common sensical approach to attacking the issues we confronted, always received optimal feedback from our customers, and made sure the group always gelled as a team and enjoyed what they were doing. She is an absolute asset to have on any team! “ Bing Howell, Director - Office of School Improvement at Tennessee Department of Education
” Margo was amazing! She had the chance to work with myself and many others during one of the most influential times of our lives. I personally enjoyed our time together, it helped me to learn to focus my concentration on goals and learn from the experiences in my life. I have taken the the attitudes and ideas I learned along with me in life, and they have more than affected my successes along the way! “Kiel Huntoon, Data Center Service Provider Account Manager at Schneider Electric