Margo and I work together on providing leadership training and workshops to not-for-profit and commercial organizations. Margo always proved to be highly professional, resourceful, creative and knowledgeable about the subject matters she has been teaching. I highly appreciate her tremendous sense for people, her humor and her ability to ensure the development of win-win situations and takeaways for all participants. As a coach, she is praised by her clients and respected for integrity. I do warmly recommend Margo and I am very happy to continue working with her. “

Margherita Brodbeck Roth MSc UZH,
MBA. President PWN Zug & Zurich

I have first started to work with Margo in whole leadership workshop. I first discovered in wholeleadership workshop that there are lots of questions inside me unanswered. Margo coached me,trusting that I have all the answers, with her challenging questions She helped me to find the answers.When I look myself from a point of view I see positive effects of Margo’s advises and coaching intensively.

Mete Levent,

I met Margo during the part time MBA. We shared information and we started to cooperate 1 year ago. She is a very professional and trustfully person with a long term vision for her business. I can strongly recommend you!

Francesco Pettenon,
CEO presso Fila Surface Care Solutions

Margo was amazing! She had the chance to work with myself and many others during one of the most influential times of our lives. I personally enjoyed our time together, it helped me to learn to focus my concentration on goals and learn from the experiences in my life. I have taken the attitudes and ideas I learned along with me in life, and they have more than affected my successes along the way!

Kiel Huntoon,
Data Center Service Provider Account Manager at Schneider Electric
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