The Four Channels: A Businesswoman’s Guide to Cracking Confidence

A 360-degree look at how to boost your confidence from the inside out.


Author Margo C. McClimans, CPCC, introduces you to quick and easy exercises that will set you on the path toward success in both your personal and professional life. A quick read that can be referred to again and again, this handbook employs techniques that McClimans has developed during her time as an executive and leadership coach and you have a chance to reap the benefits!  You will learn a variety of different tips and tricks that will benefit you in the quest for confidence, including what mental and physical roadblocks prevent most women from achieving high levels of self-confidence, ways to recover from the inevitable self-esteem setbacks, how to create and implement a confidence action plan that really works, and so much more!

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While the obstacles of daily life are often unavoidable, many women don’t even realize that they are their own worst enemies when it comes to low self-esteem. But with The Four Channels, this cycle of self-sabotaging behavior can stop—and a new cycle of self-respect and confidence can begin!


I took a breath!

“While hiking yesterday, I thought about my level of confidence and I followed your confidence check-up according to your book: Breath, Attitude, Voice and Body. I took a breath! Thank you Margo for your cool tools and congratulations for this first book! I encourage everyone to read the four channels and practice your exercises on a regular basis until level 10. As we are constantly facing new tricky situations, gaining control is essential to master fears and insecurity. I also liked the description of the 4 different vocal modes to help modeling pitches, as well as taking actions to reach the right body language.”  Sonia Cardinale

I enjoyed The Four Channels

“I enjoyed The Four Channels. It is an easy read, full of practical and helpful information. The author describes in depth the value of learning how to breathe properly and all the benefits you gain from it. Very valuable information and one of the four channels to help with improving your self confidence. Self sabotage is described by using wonderful and honest examples from the author’s own life. She offers techniques how to recognise and overcome self sabotage which is another one of the four channels. The sections ‘Taking Action’ and ‘My Action Plan’ are great to have at the end helping the reader follow through with some of the advice. Well worth a read for any business woman looking to increase her level of confidence no matter how much she already has.”   SKD

A great investment in time for myself

“I purchased Margo’s book looking for some ideas to boost my confidence as I go into more senior executive roles. I found straight forward ideas, feedback and thought starters which helped me think about where I have strengths and where I can improve. It was easy to read, conversational and a great investment in time for myself.”   Defne Saral, Global Business Director

Clear, concise and compelling

“Recommended for every woman as I think nobody will be perfect in all four dimensions. Book is a pleasant easy read and I personally found a lot of really very valuable tips for myself and have already made an action plan. This was what I liked best – small things can have a huge effect (for me it is definitely: stay focused).”  Sabine Wendicke